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Being a photographer is so much fun + incredibly rewarding. I've been shooting for 10+ years with my recent 5 years being a Full-Time Photographer

(All Glory to God!).


In that time I've learned so much, been featured on several major platforms, changed my work ethic + editing aesthetics, been mentored, attended photography workshops, and have gained insight, tips + tricks that I'm excited to share! Whether you're just starting out and want to learn how to make this into a business or if you're already in the photography industry and just need some that extra push to get you back on track, the following classes + mentorship session options are available to you.


Read the descriptions below to see which class(es) best fits your needs, and then send me a message to get started - I'm looking forward to working with you! 

*All Classes Are 90 Minutes in Duration*

I Bought A Camera..
Now What?

The goal of this photography class is to begin understanding your camera, and its settings for crafting your pictures. From this class, you will begin using your camera for what it’s really worth. You will also learn about lenses and what to look for when purchasing camera equipment.  The classes are also ideal if you’ve been shooting for a while but still find yourself stumped over why some photos just aren’t coming out the way you want them to.


Topics Covered

  • Buttons and dials: locating and deciphering the physical controls on your camera.

  • Basic menus & settings: file size, quality, JPG, RAW, TIFF, white balance and ISO.

  • Exposure: a thorough explanation of shutter speeds, f-stops and their relationship to ISO and light.

  • Motion blur and depth of field: understanding these creative tools is the key to better photos!

  • Exposure modes: getting off the green Auto mode and understanding the difference between P-A-S-M, (P-Av-Tv-M).

  • Built-in flash/External Flash: when to say yes and when to just say no.

  • Focusing modes: if it’s called auto focus, why do some photos still turn out blurry? Taking control of how and where your camera focuses.

  • Techniques for stability: stance, camera operation, holding the camera.

Outdoor Portraits Fundamentals 

This outdoor class is for any photographer wanting to learn how to capture stunning outdoor portraits (lifestyle, graduates, families)


Whether you are a parent wanting to take better pictures of your own family and friends, a photographer looking to start your own portrait photography business or if you simply want to learn some great skills for taking better portraits, this class is designed for you. You’ll learn how to take your DSLR skills and apply them to create beautiful and stylish natural light images. The techniques apply to any age subject and will help you become a more versatile photographer.

Topics Covered

  • Depth of Field

  • How to use available light and shade to create stunning images.

  • Capture beautiful outdoor portraits whether it's a sunny day or cloudy day

  • How to select backgrounds and environments to bring interest, emotion and fun into your photos.

  • Which lens(es) to choose.

  • How to frame your subjects

  • How to use choice of clothing and posing to bring out the personality of your subject and make the images uniquely theirs.

Post Production &
 Editing Workflow 

Photoshop is now a verb and a mandatory skill for any photographer who wants total control of the creative and editing process. This powerful software is the recognized professional standard in raster graphics editing that incorporates the tools and structure to create, enhance, beautify and export your images.

No previous experience is required.


This is a hands-on class where you have the opportunity to edit pictures. Learn the use of layers with creative techniques that include: removing facial blemishes & wrinkles, body sculpting, selective creativity using layer masks, adjustment masks, skin correction, and more. This class helps you to unlock the most amazing secrets in Photoshop/Lightroom  so you can take your pictures to the ultimate level of creativity.

Topics Covered​

  • Creating selection areas and masks with Magic Wand, lasso, quick mask and modifying the selections

  • removing facial blemishes & wrinkles

  • What layers are and how they work

  • Keeping it all organized with Layer Groups 

  • Clone stamp and spot healing brush, two of the most powerful and popular tools in the toolkit

  • The Basics of Skin Retouching

  • Dodge & Burn to Make Images Pop

  • Frequency Separation 

  • Adobe Lightroom 101

  • BONUS * I will be providing you with the Photoshop Retouching Actions I use so you can easily edit your images with a click of a button* 

Studio Lighting Fundamentals 

Intimidated by studio lights? In this class, I will decipher the complexities of studio light, breaking it down into simple concepts for beginners. In this class, you'll learn everything from basic lighting terminology to creating multiple light set-ups. Start with the basics like how to adjust your digital camera settings for studio strobes and layer in the details you'll need to light your photo studio portrait.


This class is ideal both for beginning photographers that don't understand much beyond continuous lighting and experienced natural light photographers ready to try a studio setting.


In this class, you’ll learn how to:

  • Expertly light a portrait using just one light and one modifier

  • Work with more complex two and three light set-ups

  • Light a group Photo

  • Confidently purchase the right lighting equipment for your work

  • Build your studio and buy the right gear for the right price.

  • Set your ISO, shutter speed and aperture for strobe lighting.

  • Professional + Beauty Headshots.


This photography mentoring program is for those who are looking to advance their craft with a 4 to 8 week intensive mentorship.  The program will start with an extensive assessment of your needs and abilities coupled with a comprehensive work-plan tailored to meet your goals. Your goals may range from improving your portrait photography to becoming an expert in post processing.

This is an intimate program meant to offer you insight into my techniques while focusing wholeheartedly on making you a stronger and more confident photographer. We will spend HOURS together shooting in the field, processing images in Adobe Photoshop/Lightroom, reviewing your rates, and landing clients that will pay you top dollar!

 From developing your style, creating a brand, owning your confidence and going after and getting jobs, Darnell will help you become a successful photographer while still being yourself.

Upon completion of this program, (if desired) I would add you to my client referral list so in scenarios where I’m unavailable for a shoot, I can send my clients your way!

*All Classes Are Included w/ Mentorship Program*

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